Home Made burger with home made barbecue sauce and caramalised onions

I love making my own burger patties for my family and friends when they come to visit, and it’s amazing..

You need:

1kg mince

2 diced onions

Crushed garlic

Parsley hand full

Salt and pepper

Eggs to bind the mince

Coriander leaves chopped

Then make some barbecue sauce or buy it.. portion the mince into 180g patties after mixing all the ingredients together.

Then get the burger bunns and cut them open in half.. spread butter on them and then toast them, and put them aside. Slice the onions and then caramalise them in butter. Wash your lettuce and slice some tomatoes thin and then align them on the bunn, putting lettuce then tomato slices. Grill the parties for 3minutes on both sides marinating each side with barbecue sauce, then add your caramilised onions on top of the pattie and place on the bread. Close the bread and enjoy.


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