The Rich Tradition of European Peasant Cooking

I shall call peasants those who have, at least, this in common: their agriculture is a livelihood and a way of life, not a business for profit.”

I grew up in a small country that was colonised by Europe and that’s how I learnt the Rich Tradition of peasant Cooking, even though we got our independence a long time ago the traditional peasant Cooking still is part of us.

I learnt that peasant cookery must of its nature depend on ingredients which can be easily obtained or grown locally. The glow of embers on the hearth, a savory broth simmering in the cooking pot on its tripod, a glitch of bacon from last autumn’s pig smoking in a hollow in the chimney-until very recently these were not nostalgic pleasures; for centuries they were the very stuff of life in Lesotho. Peasant Cooking was always dominated by practical rather than economic factors. There are a few peasant recipes for offal, since this was only available in quantity to the poor of the towns


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