This is a Belgian boiled chicken dish. All regional cooks have their own versions. And this soup-stew was also made with fish. in the days of furnaces and steam power, hungry deep-sea fishermen would cook the stew in a great iron cauldron hanging over the furnaces of the fishing boat.

serves: 5 to 6

Time: 20 minutes plus 25 to 30 Min cooking

  1. Large roasting chicken.
  2. 3 celery stalks.
  3. 6 tablespoons butter.
  4. italian parsley and sage.
  5. salt.
  6. 1 quart water.
  7. 1 cup large beer


you will need a large stewpan. Cut the chicken into 10 to 12 pieces.

Rince and slice the celery.

melt half the butter in a stewpan and lightly cook the celery in it for a few moments. Lay the chicken pieces on top, and sprinkle in the herbs and salt.

cover with the water and the beer.

Bring to a boil and dot the surface with the rest of the butter. Turn the heat down, cover, and simmer for an hour, until the meat is tender and the water has reduced to a well-flavored sauce. Serve with slices of buttered bread and a glass of Beer.



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